Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Summer is past

August passed in a blur with so many activities and trying to squeeze in the last working and playing of summer. Did anyone else feel like that?

Now, though, we are into full-fledged autumn. Now is the time when some of you from various places are wondering--where will my path lead next? I remember (and still experience) the feeling of looking into the misty future and wondering where I will be next, after that bend in the road.

Andrew Greeley writes in his book Life for a Wanderer, "The Christian knows, vaguely at least, where he is going, but he is not quite sure how, specifically, he is going to get there. Hence he is forced to be experimental, to try one path for a time, but to be prepared always to cast these charts aside when a better set is offered. To change the image somewhat, she is like a sailor who adjusts the sails on her ship with the changing directions of the wind, since she knows as every good sailor does that the wind is inclined to blow whither it will."

For all of you who are wondering if it is time for your journey to take a turn, if it's time for you to travel light, to play it by ear... you are in my joy-filled prayers. That God might guide you, that Jesus might point you to those people who can help discern next steps, that the Spirit may fill your heart with power to move to the music.

And for all whose path may be winding this way, if God is leading you here to LSTC, we can't wait to welcome you!

In joy and welcome,
Pastor Joy