Monday, April 16, 2007

Keep in mind

Keep in mind that Jesus Christ has died for you and has risen from the dead.
Today we sang these words in worship and it reminded me of the first time I heard this canticle. I was traveling for a month through Europe and it was New Year's Eve. We didn't have any supper that night, we were both sick and my best friend sang this song. Kind of like comfort food that fills you up and makes you feel good and satisfied, this canticle has always been a comfort to me since that day. It's also a reminder of what to keep in mind.
Thomas was not one of the first witnesses of the resurrection. He missed out when Jesus first appeared to the gathered community and thought everyone must have lost their collective mind when they said they had seen Jesus. But Jesus came around again, Thomas got a second chance. He got just what he asked for--the opportunity to put his fingers in the wounds in Jesus' hands and his hands in Jesus' side. When he said, "Show me," Jesus obliged. Jesus responded to Thomas' doubt and fear. Jesus also commends those who believe even without seeing. And in doing both, Jesus reaches out to all of us: trusting and cynical, naive and worldly, doubters and faithful.
Keep in mind that Jesus Christ has died for you and has risen from the dead. He is the saving Lord; he is joy for all ages.
Whether we find ourselves believing or not believing this Easter season, Jesus is present, believing in us. Jesus meets us where we are and calls us to rest and work with God in mind. Jesus saves us and gives us something to keep in mind... and brings joy.
In hope of resurrection,
Pastor Joy

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