Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Sacrament of Vocation

Lately in several of my classes I've had the opportunity to talk about vocation from several different perspectives. It seems that normally when we talk about vocation it appears somewhat detached from the rest of our liturgical life. Where does it connect in our theology? Perhaps it connects in our baptism, in our very (re)creation. It connects in the first article of the creed when we proclaim God as the maker of heaven and earth. In creation, God calls us to be who are to be. It connects in the Lord's Supper as we partake of the body and blood of Christ. Instead of digesting what we eat, it consumes us. Jesus' very body and blood moves us to where God is calling us.

God calls us wherever we are to be the love of God in and to the world. That is our vocation, whether we are students, pastors, diaconal ministers, accountants, brothers, sisters, and so on.

How does God's grace come to you? How does God's grace move you to live out your vocation where you are? My prayer is that we might all hear God's grace calling us to acts of love, peace, and justice towards one another.

In Christ,

Ben Sheets
Visit Coordinator

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