Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We remember, we believe

All Saints' Day

Today, the admissions directors of the ELCA seminaries joined in worship at Augsburg College. The flames from many, many candles flickered and glowed as we participated in a service of rembrance on this All Saints Day.

President Pribbenow remembered one of those saints who, near to the end of her life, drank down the communion wine offered to her in one joyful gulp... and smiled. She had not smiled for many days but when she drank it she smiled broadly. Perhaps because she would meet the One who first offered this gift to her very soon, perhaps simply enjoying the delightful draught of the fruit of the vine.

For what do you thirst, for what do you long, for what do you wait?

We sang "Jesus, remember me" and we remembered those who have died. They were named and a bell rang. It is powerful to remember... Emilie, Joseph, Janet, George, Tavia, Ben, Hattie...all those who have gone before us. Sweet Honey and the Rock sing, "I don't know how my mother walked her trouble down. I don't know how my father stood his ground. I don't know how my people survived slavery. I do remember, that's why I believe."

Who do you remember? How have they led the way on the path that you travel today?

Remembering with you,
Pastor Joy

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