Saturday, June 09, 2007

Which way do we go?

The campus minstries of Marquette and UWM reported to the Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly that campus ministry is a place where we sit under the question marks of life (just above the directional arrows you see in this photo) and 1) figure things out, 2) sit with the tensions, 3) try things, 4) learn and grow...

It's so true. But not only college students need a place to do this. Throughout life, we need community with those who sit with us--or run with us--and talk about next steps.

Thanks to future LSTC seminarian Laura Gerstl, Pastor Brad Brown and Pastor Christine Thompson (pictured here) for they great ministry they have done and are doing at Marquette and UWM... and for all those who meet us at the crossroads of life and discern with us next directions.

As we venture on,
Pastor Joy

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