Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Serving Christ in the World

This summer has already been so lively and full of opportunities for hearing God's call that it's hard to know where to begin... but let me start with the "Serving Christ in the World" Youth in Mission program which just ended last Saturday.

It was an incredible three weeks. Eighteen high school youth, mostly "rising juniors," gathered from all over the USA at LSTC for a program of immersion first in the city of Chicago and then in Mexico City. In the photo, we're "all cleaned up" for Sunday worship but these were not the only faces we saw during that transformative time. We saw faces with furrowed brows as we did the hard work of preparing to enter another culture. We saw faces bursting with laughter as youth totally enjoyed each other's company. We saw faces crumpled with tears at the injustices we witnessed. We saw faces absorbed in prayer. We saw faces totally wired from the intense games of ultimate frisbee. And on and on...

It was an honor and a privilege to make this strenuous and incredible journey with 18 youth, 5 seminary mentors, Heather Wallace (program director) and other faithful adults (those who accompanied, trained, taught). We were blessed to be hosted in Mexico by the Lutheran Center in Mexico City. During the whole three weeks, we talked about God's call for all the baptized.

Do you know a youth who will be a sophomore in high school this fall? Please pass on word about this incredible program for vocational formation. Dates for next summer's program will be posted on the LSTC website this fall.

In gratitude and delight,
Pastor Joy

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