Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Off to camp

I'm not the first to go this summer--in fact, we have a group of folks going as "Outdoor Ministry Ambassadors" from LSTC to camps this summer. So far, they've been to Nebraska, Wisconsin, Colorado... and they will also go to camps in Iowa. Tim, Holly, Tom, Matt, Jennie... they go as a "living commercial" for the partnership we share in Christ. Some will be informal "camp chaplains" for a week, some will simply be present pitching in wherever needed.

Why? It's no secret that outdoor ministries are a place where people hear God's call. Maybe it's because in that "place apart," we can see our lives with new eyes. Maybe it's because dedicated camp staff remind us to keep listening. Maybe it's because we get to experience God's incredible creation all around us and God seems nearer... but for whatever reason, discernment about where God is calling us in life and how God is calling us to serve often happen in camp settings. So, we want to be there.

We come as people with listening ears, open hearts and an exciting story to tell about the possibility of seminary as a training ground on a ministry journey.

As for me, I'm off this weekend to Nebraska - first for an Operation IDEA retreat (if you haven't heard about this amazing Nebraska program, check out their website - and then to Camp Carole Joy Holling (

Can't wait to share a photo here when I get back!

On the way,
Pastor Joy

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